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Galveston Bread Selections

All breads made from King Arthur Flours. The Whole Wheat, 7 Grain, and Rye come from Great River Organic Milling. 

Bread is Life!

Sour Dough Rounds approximately 1 1/2  pounds
Whole Wheat Rounds approximately 1 1/2 pounds
Heidebrot Rye with Caraway seeds approximately 1 1/2 pounds
Sour dough with Italian spices baked in approximately 1 1/2 pounds

Cinnamon rolls 1/2 dozen rolls,
6 ounces each
Real Bagels,
several varities
available individually

Galveston Bread is a Texas Cottage Food Law bakery. That means we exist under a very specific set of rules from the Government. Producer to consumer only. I bake in my home.

 IF you are not happy with anything I bake just bring back what is left for a full refund. Period.

Looking forward to meeting you, Philip Gerding!

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